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Pain Perception Pain And Pain - 924 Words

Pain Perception According to John Hopkins Medicine (n.d.), pain is an uncomfortable feeling that tells you something may be wrong. It can be fixed, throbbing, stabbing, aching, pinching, or described in many other ways. Pain is categorized as either acute or chronic. Acute pain is usually severe and brief, and is often a signal that your body has been injured. Chronic pain can vary from mild to severe and is there for long periods of time (John Hopkins Medicine, n.d). This paper will discuss a scenario that entails which person is experiencing the most pain, how two people can have the same procedure experience different levels of pain, factors that contribute to each person’s pain level, and two complementary/alternative methods of pain control. Who is Experiencing the Greater Amount of Pain? â€Å"Mr. Clark (white Anglo-Saxon) and Mrs. Wong (Chinese) have had a total hip replacement. Mr. Clark has a client-controlled analgesic pump (PCA) and is receiving a small dose of morphine every 10 minutes. He scales his pain as an 8 on a numerical scale of 0 to 10. Mrs. Wong refused the morphine pump and prefers to use over-the-counter Motrin for the pain. She scales her pain as a 3 on a numerical scale of 0 to 10† (L.Barrow, personal communication, August 20, 2016). Pain is subjective, meaning it is whatever the experiencing person says it is. People tolerate pain differently. Mr. Clark has a low tolerance for pain according to the rate of 8 on the pain scale. As a result, he needs aShow MoreRelatedPain And Perception Of Pain1220 Words   |  5 PagesPain is not only defined as a sensation or a physical awareness, but also entails perception. Moreover, pain is an unpleasant and an uncomfortable emotion that is transferred to the brain by sensory neurons. There are various kinds of pain and how one perceives them is varied as well. Certain parts of the brain also play a key role in how one feels pain such as the parietal lobe, which is involved in interpreting pain while the hypothalamus is responsible for the response to pain one has. AlthoughRead MoreThe Effects Of The Perception Of Pain1196 Words   |  5 Pages The subjective human response to acute pain is a response that is most often self-reported and is dependently measured on a pain sc ale by health care providers. The phenomenon of pain is that it sometimes is difficult to manage without the perplexities of the typical opioid analgesic side effects. More than often, these accompanying side effects Hoffman et al. (2011) state the inclusion of sedation, constipation, nausea, and cognitive disorientation. In addition, repeated use of opioid analgesicsRead MorePain Perception Of Native Americans1035 Words   |  5 PagesPain Perception in Native Americans The psychological processes in the article include pain perception, and how we as humans perceive pain, how we react to it, and how we adapt to it. The article explains the pain signaling process and how pain can be amplified. For example, when we get pricked by a needle, a signal from our finger ascends through the spinal cord to reach parts of the brain. From there, we perceive pain, then we form a pain experience. Pain perception can be resulting from severalRead MoreWomens Pain Perception in Childbirth738 Words   |  3 PagesThis is a study that focused on eighty-three women and examined the effects of cultural and educational influences on the pain in childbirth. The eighty-three women are divided into Middle-Eastern women and Western women. The women ranged in ages from nineteen to thirty-eight. There were thirty people from the Western group and that consisted of women whose mothers were born in Europe, the US or another English speaking country. There were fifty-three women from the Middle Eastern Group and thatRead MoreThe Effect Of Exercise On Pain Perception1079 Words   |  5 PagesThe role of exercise in pain perception has been widely researched for over a number of years as Koltyn (2000) found research had been taking place for more than twenty years. Previous studies have identified the significance of exercise in the treatment and rehabilitation for many patients with chronic pain (Naugle, Fillingham, Riley, 2012). According to IASP Taxonomy, International Association for the Study of Pain, â€Å"hypoalgesia is diminished pain in response to a normally painful stimulus† (MerskeyRead MoreCultural Influence On Pain Perception And Behavior865 Words   |  4 Pagesarticle I found was called â€Å"Cultural Influence on Pain Perception and Behavior.† The journal talked about how sociocultural context can influence a person experiencing pain. The journal looked at childbirth pain, perception of acute pain, and perception of chronic pain between different ethnic groups. It concluded that pain is heavily influence by cultural background. It pointed out the possibility of a disparity between pain expression, and pain interpretation by the medical professional due toRead MoreThe Perception of Pain in Conjunction to the Mind and Body Essay2320 Words   |  10 PagesThe Perception of Pain in Conjunction to the Mind and Body The Perception of Pain in Conjunction to the Mind and Body Pain is something that connects all of us. From birth to death we can identify with each other the idea and arguably the perception of it. We all know we experience it, but what is more important is how we all perceive it. It is known that there are people out there with a ‘high’ pain tolerance and there are also ones out there with a ‘low’ pain tolerance, but what is differentRead More The Human Perception of Pain in Conjunction with the Mind-Body Problem2048 Words   |  9 PagesThe Human Perception of Pain in Conjunction with the Mind-Body Problem There is more research surfacing supporting the notion that people can control their pain. What is left under-examined is the notion of whether the pain is mediated by the brain, mind, or both. We all know that pain is an instinctive sense if you will, necessary to the survival of all living beings. Without pain, it would go unrecognized and exacerbate to the point of death. Pain is a protective mechanism essential to survivalRead MoreEffects Of Chinese Culture On Pain Perception, Responses And Management1671 Words   |  7 Pagesculture on Pain perception, Responses and Management Arshdeep Sandhar 604-056189 Atit Walia CDI College Surrey BC Practical Nursing Variations In health IV July 25. 2017 Introduction â€Å"Pain is a universal condition. At some time, each person will experience pain from illness or injury. Pain isn t only a physical experience; it also has an emotional component that may trigger behaviors that play an important role in how a patient s pain is perceived by others (Yvonne, 2009)†. Pain can createRead MoreThe Evidence That Pain Perception Is Not Entirely Dependent On Physical Injury1276 Words   |  6 PagesDescribe the evidence that pain perception is not entirely dependent on physical injury Each individual have experience pain differently. This is usually due to the factors of ethnicity, genetics and sex. This is known as pain perception. Different pain experiences are usually based on the location and severity of pain of an injury. However, evidence has shown that pain perception is not entirely dependent on physical injury; when pain perception is less/greater than expected from the extent of a

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The Social Work Of A Social Worker - 1585 Words

As a social worker, we are essentially given the opportunity to utilize our past and personal experiences, educational background, and diverse relationships to make a difference in countless people’s lives. Whether we choose to dedicate ourselves to practicing micro or macro social work, we can influence the outcomes of social policies, assist clients with obtaining basic necessities, or change a person’s thought processes by applying psychosocial theories as necessary. However, we are obligated to pay close attention to the ways in which we interact with our assigned clients, administer and assess outcomes of therapeutic interventions, and do what we think will ultimately benefit our client’s well-being. Considering that a Master’s in Social Work is a professional position, general practitioner’s guidelines must be followed; hence the purpose of the NASW Code of Ethics, the CSWE Educational Policy and Standards, and precise HIPAA adherence. The preamble of the NASW Code of Ethics states, â€Å"The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty († Following that statement, the six purposes of the NASW Code of Ethics are expressed to the reader in seriated form. The guiding principles for social work practice are outlined, ethical principles and their valuesShow MoreRelatedSocial Workers And Social Work Essay1165 Words   |  5 Pages In today`s society, social work as a profession has changed enormously over time. Many interviews, samples and surveys from individuals have been taken over the years about the perception of social workers. Earlier samples of surveys and interviews have shown that social work was not always a popular profession, but now social workers are popular publicly. The public as in people now has a better understanding of social work. Studies showed that numerous of people do not quite have a full understandingRead MoreSocial Workers And Social Work1684 Words   |  7 Pages At the heart of social work most social workers consider their social work values as one of the most crucial principles of the social work profession (Higham 2006). The recent report of the social work taskforce sets out a vision of social work for a profession confident about its values, purpose and identity (Social Work Taskforce, 2009, pg61). Generally, the term value is viewed as particular beliefs or principles an i ndividual may hold deemed worthy or valuable (Banks,S, 2006). BASWA 2012 definesRead MoreSocial Workers And The Social Work Essay1706 Words   |  7 PagesSocial workers are caregivers, they provide assistance to people in need, and they address social problems. The social worker’s goal is the improvement of society to better the lives of individuals in need. The social work professional mission is to enhance the well-being of people and to assist them in meeting their basic needs, with particular emphasis on the needs of the poor, and the vulnerable individual. The Social Work profession has six core values. Social workers incorporate these core valuesRead MoreSocial Workers And Social Work950 Words   |  4 Pages The social work profession is a profession that is created with educated professionals, social workers, which make important contributions to society by helping society’s most vulnerable individuals, families, and groups. Social workers assist vulnerable populations with enhancing their social functioning, meeting their needs, and solving problems. Social policies are a key component in the success of the social workers ability to help the vulnerable. â€Å"Social policies are the laws, rules, and regulationsRead MoreSocial Workers And Social Work1377 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Workers Issues We are the present. The future is our children. We all have some child(ren) in our lives whom we love dearly and would probably die for them. They are our future. Many of those children need help; mental, emotional, and physical help. If these children do not receive help, our future will be worse than the present is now. Social workers can help fix that. In the last paper, I addressed the issue of social status/work. The work status fluctuates greatly pending on the fieldRead MoreThe Social Work Of A Social Worker1551 Words   |  7 PagesUnder the social work profession, social workers embrace the principle of social justice and are committed to work toward achieving social change. In direct practice, social workers work with individuals living in poverty and subjected to all sorts of injustices. In social work, practitioners work in partnership with clients, when coming up with possible solutions to the presenting problems. It is important that in the process, social workers re main with a nonjudgmental attitude and look at howRead MoreSocial Work As A Social Worker1414 Words   |  6 PagesWhat makes social work idiosyncratic unlike the rest is the willingness and passion to promote human well-being. I yearn and hunger to see growth of what is already innate. That is the reason psychology became my undeclared major. My ignorance of the social work role did create misconceptions and fears. I knew I had to be in some helping profession. I was not sure if I would do so through occupational therapy, psychology, teaching, or social work. I wanted to be a social worker, but I wasRead MoreSocial Worker And Social Work Essay1076 Words   |  5 Pagesdefinition of what social work is. My view of social work was based off of movies that portrayed social workers as individuals who only worked with children. In these movies, the social worker was known as the Child Protective Agent and was called in when a child or children were being mistreated. After taking this course, I now know that my idea of a social worker, although right, was only the tip of an iceberg. The social worker does not only work with children, they work within a large social system thatRead MoreSocial Work : A Social Worker1033 Words   |  5 Pagesbecome a social worker. Social work is a professional and academic discipline that works to improve the quality of life and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families, couples, groups, and communities. Heather Holland is a Social Worker at Uniontown Hospital who has over 12 years’ experience in the field. She explains that a typical day on the job is far from easy. â€Å"Days in this career are crazy, busy, and mostly, undetermined† Holland explains of her days on the job. Social work is a veryRead MoreSocial Workers And Social Work1652 Words   |  7 Pageslarge component of the social work profession is cultural competency. According to the National Association of Social Workers, in order to be culturally competent, social workers should understand culture and its’ role in society (National Association of Social Workers [NASW], 2008). Social workers should be able to recognize the strength of each culture, have knowledge of their clients’’ cultures, and provide cul turally sensitive services to each individual with whom they work with (NASW, 2008). Is

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Case Study Team and Team Processes Free Essays

In the case study Team and Team Processes, Nurse A and Nurse B have two different concepts of what is team work. Johnson (2009) states that,† a team is a type of group. Consequently, all teams are groups, but not all groups are teams. We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study Team and Team Processes or any similar topic only for you Order Now The following three interventions will discuss conflict management, role conflict, and striving toward the same goal. This paper will discuss the case study variances in Nurse A and Nurse B teams. In the following paper I will classify a minimum of three interventions to recommend addressing concerns expressed by Nurse B. The interventions being discussed are conflict management, role conflict, and striving toward the same goal. In closing, the recommended interventions will be justified and explanation. A group consists of two or more people who interact with each other and share a common purpose (Erofeev, Glazer, Ivanitskaya, 2009). A team is a type of group (Erofeev, Glazer, Ivanitskaya, 2009). Teams are a critical fragment of any group, particularly within healthcare organization. Each person on a team plays a vital role in ensuring that all needs are met, task are completed daily, and patients are being cared for properly. Teams are an important portion of any organization, particularly within healthcare. Each person on a team plays a vibrant part in confirming all organization prerequisites are met, undertaking are complete regularly, and patients are properly being cared for. Teamwork and collaboration between all health professionals results in high quality clinical care, and increased job satisfaction for staff (Begley, 2009). When team members disagree on the same goal, usually it ends in conflict among the team. Healthcare managers understand it is important to control and manage conflicts within the organization. The fundamentals to positive conflict management is for both teams to assist in solving the conflict and problem oppose to proving each other wrong. In the case study Nurse B express concerns regarding working with equivalent staff members of the surgical team. The moral and atmosphere of the team is increasingly deteriorating. In addition, the team’s job contentment and desire to go to work has severely been impacted. For a team to be effective providing quality care, the atmosphere of the team should be received and respected. Better outcomes will be achieved when team members perceive supportive team atmosphere and an empowering team contact with clear and jointly developed goals, an appropriate mix of skill and expertise, and rewards links to team performance (Proenca 2007). After additional analysis of the case study, conflict management among team members should always be addressed. Resolving conflict can be a continuous balancing act for healthcare staff because it is demanding and confusing. Conflict management is vital for the success of healthcare organizations. Learning, as an organization, to constructively manage and succeed in conflict situations is a foundational construct of leadership and management (Ledlow, 2009). Currently six different conflict styles exist: (1) accommodating, (2) avoiding, (3) collaborating, (4) competing, (5) compromising and (6) problem solving. The surgical team displays conflict style of avoiding â€Å"potential disruption outweighs the benefits of resolution, gathering information supersedes immediate decision making, others can resolve the conflict more effectively and issues seem a result of other issues,† (Ledlow, 2009). Nurse B instead of having to contract the Physician Assistant regarding the issues, should have been comfortable enough to address the concern with the physician. The surgical team of Nurse B is experiencing role conflict. Conflict arises when a focal person’s ideas of his or her requirements are incongruent with expectations from roles set members (Erofeev, Glazer, Ivanitskaya, 2009). In healthcare organization it is important for all staff to know and understand his or her role. For Nurse B team to be an effective and successful team each member should identify what type of teams is essential and mutually allows the job to get done. When the teams comes together the effort will demonstrate group cohesion. Once the team is established, each member must continuously try to strive towards the same objectives and goals. A good recommendation for Nurse B surgical team is Intervention techniques. Intervention always help to improve situations among the team. Intervention can be wither conflict resolution or training sessions, team structure made by changes, and developing guidelines identifying team members roles. Intervention provides training for team members on what procedures are current and procedures no longer being utilized. Goal setting training leads to greater effectiveness at the individual level and improved team efficiency (Erofeev, Glazer, Ivanitskaya, 2009). In conclusion, the surgical team of Nurse B will be effective once team’s members identify his or her conflicts and works as a team, consequently refining the effectiveness and value of the unit. In a team, individuals’ actions are interdependent and coordinated, each member has a specified role, and members share common task goals or objectives (Erofeev, Glazer, Ivanitskaya, 2009). Conflict management and role conflict can hinder the success of a team. Role conflict arises when a focal person’s ideas of his or her requirements are incongruent with expectations from role set members (Erofeev, Glazer, Ivanitskaya, 2009). Communication and trust is important to any team with a healthcare organization. A key element to healthy group dynamics is role expectation or communication. Healthcare manager’s role is to ensure that every person of the team understands what his or her role are. . Healthcare administrators must take steps to design better teams, train team members to work together, manage team performance, structure the work performed by the team and provide support to team members (Erpfeev, Glazer Ivanitskaya, 2009). How to cite Case Study Team and Team Processes, Free Case study samples

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Social Responsibility For Alcohol Makers Essays - Smoking

Social Responsibility For Alcohol Makers Ways of being responsible Companies should examine the issues facing their industry in general and their company in particular, such as the trend to prevent cancer in the smoking industry. Companies should also look at the impacts they have on the community and region [the petrol case]. Doing these two things would keep the company fresh and familiar with trends, as said earlier and changes in the buying environment, which Bennetton could of used in their problem in Germany. There is also a need to be sensitive to the community's feelings and needs, meaning that caution is required when designing packages or advertisements for a product so not to trigger a negative public response. Keep the idea that there are religious groups, races, or someone of another sex that might be offended. After a promotion is set up it should be culturally tested and the examined to see the effectiveness on sales after release as well as it's effect on the consumers and their perception of the promotions/advertisements. After all perception is everything. Another idea is to also have product tested by a sample group, just be for release, in order to see what response will be obtained from the public. This is to see if the response would be favorable or negative. For example, 2 years ago Nike released a shoe that had a logo on it that angered Moslems in the United States and forced Nike to recall the entire line of shoes for redesign. The shoe had a logo, which looked like a burning tree [such as in the bible]. This testing should be implemented in the different locations of the release of the product since there are different cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions. There should also be a good product recall program, developed a head of schedule as an eventual alternative to the development of a product, as a safety precaution. If after the release of a product defects are detected, there should not be any delay on recalling the product from the market. Failure to do this could result in either business suicide or face the possibility of lots of legal ramifications in the bitter near future. Image management When being accused of polluting the environment, image management should come into play. This could be done by a number of ways: 1. Keep a list of positive things the company does, which it can use in replies to letters and media inquiries: we use rechargeable batteries; our people drive low-polluting vehicles; our packaging reduction program has cut waste by __ percent, or __ thousands of tons per year. Sponsor a partner on a green event with another business, non- profit organization, or school: beach, road, or lake shore little cleanup. You could also say, we recycle. 2. Give away items to your customers with recycling, energy-saving, water-saving, and other ecological tips on them. Produce public service ads for local papers about your model environmental practices. Stage a weekly contest at your company, mall, or business community for environmental improvements, i.e., least total garbage produced, most packaging reduced, hazardous material substitute discovered, etc. Pay bonuses for or award prizes for greatest savings generated to the company. 3. Sponsor an environmental program on public radio or television, donate office equipment to an environmental group, or donate a portion of property as a public gardening plot. Donate to school environmental programs, non-profit environmental groups, garden clubs, and other organizations that work in partnership with businesses and citizens to improve environmental health. Work with a youth organization on a community-based environmental project, such as plastics recycling, or a hazardous waste or litter clean up day. Alert media to your participation. Call the media any time you sponsor an event [good publicity]. One method of curing problem of excess waste: Encourage employees and staff to report any resource wastes and environmental concerns. Place efficiency posters, stickers, or balloons where energy, water, and materials around heavily commuted areas at work [post in places like bathrooms, employee lounges, cafeterias, and kitchens]. Use conservation slogans or messages, change locations to keep up interest. Place articles about conservation and efficiency in company newsletters or on bulletin boards. Attach resource and efficiency messages to employee paychecks and invoices. Reward employees for

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The Test Essay

The Test Essay The Test Essay Concept Development for Linear Media Narrative Structure | Storyboards | Animatics When was the last time you watched a movie on DVD? Did you ever watch any of the behind-the-scenes content on the disc? Ever wonder how the movie was filmed and put together? If you're fortunate enough, the DVD will probably even show you some storyboards (or animatics) and how close the final shots were to the original storyboard sketches. We'll be covering how valuable storyboards can be in your design process for linear media, especially when trying to tell a story that will captivate the targeted audience. | | Narrative Structure | | Before creating a storyboard, you have to be able to tell a proper story first, and that's exactly what narrative structure is. When coming up with a story, some things to remember are that it should be engaging, entertaining, and be able to stir up your audience's emotions! Think about some of your favorite movies and some scenes that really tugged at your heart or captured your imagination. If you're going to learn from the best, you'll need to have a critical eye for how those scenes were shot and edited and how that story unfolded. Don't be afraid to study some of your favorite movies for techniques that you could incorporate into your own skill set. If you look at any story, the basic narrative structure is comprised of an introduction, body, climax, and conclusion. Most stories you hear or see are probably told chronologically, which means the sequence of events were told in the order that they happened. But when you create a narrative, the order in which these events are told doesn't have to be in sequence! Remember the movie Memento by Christopher Nolan? There's an example of a narrative that didn't stick to the classic formula of storytelling. If you've never seen it, the story was basically told backward, which really altered the way the audience perceived the characters and events that occurred throughout the movie. There are numerous opportunities to craft effective stories that can communicate old or current problems, new features, and what makes a particular product stand out. With animation and video becoming increasingly popular and heavily utilized on websites, and broadband access being adopted by more of the population, the possibilities are endless. Narrative structure depends heavily on cinematic techniques involving camera placement, angle, and distance to and from the subject of interest or focal point. The easiest way to learn cinematic language is to create a reverse storyboard of existing commercials. This means that you can go to YouTube, find your favorite commercial and roughly sketch each shot. (A shot is from camera on to camera off, or when an angle or view changes.) In this way, you can teach yourself how to use extreme close-ups, close-ups, medium shots, and long shots (establishing shots) to tell a story to your audience. Cinematic language also utilizes metaphors. What is a metaphor? It is similar to a symbol, but it uses something familiar to explain something that might be more complex. For example, "Love is a rose" is a metaphor using a simple object like a rose to explain the complicated concept of love. Directors and cinematographers use metaphor to create mood and further a story. A good example is in The Shining when Jack is writing feverishly at the typewriter, but later we see through Wendy's eyes that he has been typing "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over again. The typewriter becomes a metaphor to describe Jack's deteriorating sanity. The most important thing to remember about the use of metaphors is that they seldom include the words "like" or "as." A metaphor ''is" something else. | | Storyboards | | Storyboards are typically made up of a series of quick sketches displayed in sequence to help visualize a wide variety of media such as films, cartoons, websites, and video games. A storyboard looks like a roughly

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SUNY Brockport Admissions Data and Acceptance Rate

SUNY Brockport Admissions Data and Acceptance Rate SUNY Brockport is a generally accessible school, admitting over half of applicants. Students can apply to the school through the SUNY website, or with the Common Application. Prospective students will also have to submit SAT or ACT scores, high school transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Check out the schools website for more information. Calculate your chances of getting in  with this free tool from Cappex. Admissions Data (2016) SUNY Brockport Acceptance Rate: 55  percentGPA, SAT and ACT Graph for Brockport AdmissionsTest Scores: 25th / 75th PercentileSAT Critical Reading: 450 / 550SAT Math: 470 / 570SAT Writing: - / -(what these SAT numbers mean)(SUNY SAT comparison chart)ACT Composite: 20  / 25ACT English: 18  / 24ACT Math: 20  / 26(what these ACT numbers mean)(SUNY ACT comparison chart) SUNY Brockport Description SUNY Brockport, or the College at Brockport, is a selective university and member of the State University of New York system. Brockport is a highly ranked Masters-granting college with a 17 to 1  student/faculty  ratio. Founded in 1835 and located 16 miles west of Rochester along the Erie Canal, the college has a long and rich history. The college offers 42 undergraduate majors and has 65 programs abroad in over 20 countries. Roughly three-quarters of all students receive some form of grant aid, and the college has earned high marks in national rankings for its educational value. In athletics, popular sports include football, soccer, track and field, hockey, and lacrosse. Explore the campus with the  SUNY Brockport Photo Tour Enrollment (2016) Total Enrollment: 8,243  (7,128  undergraduates)Gender Breakdown: 44  percent male / 56 percent female89 percent full-time Costs (2016-17) Tuition and Fees: $7,928  (in-state); $17,778 (out-of-state)Books: $1,330Room and Board: $12,418Other Expenses: $1,660Total Cost: $23,336  (in-state); $33,186 (out-of-state) SUNY Brockport Financial Aid (2015 - 16) Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 90 percentPercentage of New Students Receiving Types of AidGrants: 74 percentLoans: 74  percentAverage Amount of AidGrants: $7,009Loans: $7,868 Academic Programs Most Popular Majors:  Accounting, Art, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice Studies, English, History, Nursing, Physical Education Teaching and Coaching, PsychologyWhat major is right for you?  Sign up to take the free My Careers and Majors Quiz at Cappex. Graduation, Retention and Transfer Rates First Year Student Retention (full-time students): 82 percentTransfer Out Rate: 23 percent4-Year Graduation Rate: 48 percent6-Year Graduation Rate: 68  percent Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Mens Sports:  Football, Soccer, Hockey, Swimming, Track and Field, Baseball, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Cross CountryWomens Sports:  Soccer, Softball, Cross Country, Track and Field, Field, Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Cross Country Learn About Other SUNY Campuses Albany  |  Alfred State  |  Binghamton  |  Brockport  |  Buffalo  |  Buffalo State  |  Cobleskill  |  Cortland  |  Env. Science/Forestry  |  Farmingdale  |  FIT  |  Fredonia  |  Geneseo  |  Maritime  |  Morrisville  |  New Paltz  |  Old Westbury  |  Oneonta  |  Oswego  |  Plattsburgh  |  Polytechnic  |  Potsdam  |  Purchase  |  Stony Brook If You Like SUNY Brockport, You May Also Like These Schools Nazareth College: Profile  Alfred University: Profile | GPA-ACT-SAT GraphIthaca College: Profile | GPA-ACT-SAT GraphCanisius College: Profile | GPA-ACT-SAT GraphSyracuse University: Profile | GPA-ACT-SAT GraphUtica College: Profile  St. John Fisher College: Profile  Binghamton University: Profile | GPA-ACT-SAT GraphStonybrook University: Profile | GPA-ACT-SAT GraphHobart William Smith College: Profile | GPA-ACT-SAT Graph Data Source: National Center for Educational Statistics

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Greek methodology's effects on ancient socialization Essay

Greek methodology's effects on ancient socialization - Essay Example Greek mythology has heavily influenced their culture and socialization, especially when it comes in their sexual beliefs, may it be having a patriarchal society, or just their plain sexual norms. Myths are actually the beliefs of people what are subtly disguised as a form of literature. In fact, because so much of these myths are creation stories, many of people believe that most myths are factual. Greek mythology is quite sexual in nature. Then again, sexual identity is very cultural as well, as our sense of self is rooted in sexual mythology as well. This is because the sexuality of a society is cleverly reflected in their literature. Sex is actually the core of culture. This is ironic considering the mainstream Western belief actually makes sex taboo, even sacred. Many of these Western societies believe that sexuality comes from the individual as it is a private subject. Ironically, sex is the core of every culture. Consider this, without sex or reproduction for that matter, there would be no culture, society, religion, art, etc. Basically there would be nothing if sex is not in the picture. And as evolved creatures, humans are programmed to reproduce. Christians believe in the story of Genesis. In Genesis, the creation of the world and man and woman is the plot of the story. In it, the first two people were Adam and Eve, and Eve was made from Adam’s flesh, making Eve a mere second-class citizen. But in other myths, specifically in the Talmud, before Eve came Lilith. Lilith here was the first wife of Adam. And unlike Eve, she was made from dust, like Adam. She was also one of the wives of Satan, but because she was deemed â€Å"wild†, she left Satan and joined Adam. Their coupling was also deemed to be unfit for longevity because Lilith demanded equality with Adam. It is a logical wish since Lilith came from the same dust where Adam came from. Adam opposed this and they fought; Lilith left and proceeded to live in air. Adam prayed to God